How does BlueChip keep my data secure?

BlueChip uses a number of industry standard measures to protect your account, so your experience with us is safe and secure.

Google and Facebook

To maintain a secure and reliable experience for our clients, BlueChip utilizes both Google and Facebook for authentication and authorization. They are some of the best players in the OAuth security space. BlueChip only requests your account email for identification purposes. BlueChip does not get access to your password or any permissions to modify your Google or Facebook account.


BlueChip asks for your Robinhood credentials in order to connect to Robinhood and make trades on your account. Once connected, Robinhood provides tokens specific to BlueChip's connection with your account. BlueChip encrypts and stores only the Robinhood tokens to make trades on your account. BlueChip does not store your Robinhood password.

BlueChip supports Robinhood's two-factor authentication (2FA).


BlueChip uses TLS, a secure encryption protocol, to protect your personal information as it is passed from your browser to our servers.