GameStop (GME) Price Watch Clock Face

How to install and use the "Fitbit GameStop (GME) Price Watch" clock face

How to install

How to use

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How to install

You can install the GameStop Price Watch clock face through Fitbit's app gallery. The clock face is compatible with Versa Lite, Versa. Versa 2, Versa 3, and Sense devices.


Make sure to enable all the requested permissions for the clock face to work properly.

Activity: Allows clock face to display your personal stats such as steps, calories, and active zone minutes

Group Storage: Allows clock face to save data on your watch to help it function properly. This does not provide access to any of your personal data or to any other app's data. It's purely for clock face functionality.

Heart Rate: Allows clock face to display your heart rate

Internet: Allows clock face to display GME price and price movement

How to use

GameStop (GME) price and percentage change

  • The top number is the USD value of a single GME share. This value is updated every 5 minutes in order to preserve battery life.
  • The bottom number is the price's percentage change over the most recent open market day (ET).
  • The background color changes depending on the price movement.
    • Green - the value of GME has been increasing today.
    • Red - the value of GME has been decreasing today.
    • Blue - the value of GME is relatively stable today.
  • The clock face image changes based on how intensely the price moves.
  • The clock face shows the GameStop power-up logo with a "Closed" sign over it when the market is closed (pre-market, after-hours, holidays).

See and cycle through activity stats

Tap the stats to cycle through Steps, Heart Rate, Calories, Distance, Floors, and Active Zone Minutes.

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